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We’ve now gotten to the point where you’re ‘racist’ if you don’t sell a woman fries at a TACO BELL

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A woman at a Taco Bell counter was convinced employees at the restaurant were racist when she was told she could not order French fries.

An unidentified woman was seen in a now-viral video trying to order fries at the Mexican-style fast food eatery. The apparently confused customer struggled to grasp that she was not in Burger King instead when she was told Taco Bell does not serve French fries.

“I just literally want a medium French fries from the dollar menu,” she asked at the counter.

“French fries? We don’t sell French fries,” the employee told her.

“You’re Burger King. You don’t sell French fries?” the woman responded, seeming more confused.

The two-minute video continued to show the exchange as the Taco Bell worker tried to explain why the customer could not get the fries she desired.

“You think you’re in Burger King. This is Taco Bell. Welcome to Taco Bell…we don’t sell French fries,” she told her.

After failing to get some sort of version of French fries, the woman turned to other diners at the unknown location.

“This is racism at its f—king finest,” she said.

The other customers could be heard telling her to read the menu on the sign above the counter and arguing that there was no racism involved, just her confusion.

“They got tacos and burritos…look at the menu,” one person said as another customer called her “ignorant as f—k.”

The woman appeared to become more upset and recounted how she was treated at the drive-through window by another employee.

“‘Do you sell French fries?’ And she said nothing to me. She just looked at me like I was a piece of sh-t,” she complained.

As the Taco Bell worker tried to resolve the problem to satisfy the customer, the woman just talked over her saying “I have enough problems in my life.”

She finally walked out, no fries in hand.

The video has been viewed on YouTube over 188,000 times.

And while this woman never seemed to grasp that she was not in Burger King or that there wasn’t a racist plot to prevent her from having her fries, it seems like the fast-food potato staple may make a debut at Taco Bell restaurants one day soon after all.

Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus tweeted a comment about Taco Bell not serving French fries last month.

And the official Twitter account for Taco Bell tweeted a very interesting response back.

(H/T: New York Post)

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