Protesters screamed at the sky that Trump was elected and then an amazing thing happened: nothing

On November 8, 2016 liberals across the nation descended into shock and hysteria as Donald Trump scored an election victory. One year later, they have not recovered.

In fact, they marked the anniversary by gathering in cities nationwide to scream at the sky.


Events were planned in New York City, Dallas, Philadelphia and other cities and promoted on social media.

“Let’s have a primal scream for the current state of our democracy!” organizers for a Philadelphia event wrote on Facebook.

“Let it be the scream heard round the world! Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, at precisely 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific, LET IT OUT!” another event page read.

Local news media also carried information.

The helpless screaming went on in different locations Wednesday, with some events seeing a clash of protesters.

Others, more pathetically, only attracted a small number of snowflakes.

President Trump’s message to his supporters on the anniversary of his historic win likely sent many liberals into a downward spiral.

Many videos and photos of the vent-fests were posted online, to the delight of Trump supporters who enjoyed the chance to respond to the over-emotional liberals on Twitter.


Frieda Powers


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