No joke, Al Sharpton rips into Trump for making race relations ‘more toxic’

DCNFAmber Randall, DCNF

Rev. Al Sharpton blamed President Donald Trump for making America’s race relations “more toxic” in a Wednesday op-ed marking the one-year anniversary of Trump’s election.

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Sharpton argued that America has become more divided under Trump and race relations have grown even more tense in a NBC News op-ed entitled “President Trump Is Exactly the Same Selfish Blowhard I Knew Back In New York.”

“Rather than attempt to grow and learn, Trump has leaned into his role as divider-in-chief. This is exactly the same racially divisive, unapologetic blowhard I knew in New York,” Sharpton wrote. “…Trump’s time in office has only made this country more polarized. Put simply, Trump took America’s existing racial tensions and made them even more toxic.”

Sharpton also argued that despite people, including himself, hoping that the presidential office would change Trump, he still remained as “narcissistic” as he had been as a businessman in New York.

“I wanted to believe that the gravity of the situation would eventually kick in, and he would work to achieve something admirable with his newfound power. I wanted to believe America was not in the hands of an unyielding demagogue incapable of growth. And I was wrong,” Sharpton wrote.

Sharpton is also currently fighting to legalize marijuana, calling it the next civil rights issue.

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