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MSNBC host blames NRA for turning America into a post-apocalyptic hellscape with roving bands of heavily armed warlords

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On Monday, MSNBC’s AM Joy host lashed out at the NRA over the Sutherland Springs church shooting, accusing the gun rights nonprofit of wanting to create a country in which “packs of warlords” and “private armies” kill people “at will.”

Reid’s “warlord” rant comes off as an appeal to young liberals who haven’t had to pay their own taxes yet, but who yearn for the emotion of living out their favorite young adult novels.

But for older, more educated Americans, Reid’s tirade against the NRA is nothing more than a sensationalist left-wing fairy tale starring the big, bad NRA as the super villain.

Reid, like so many liberals, cries “gun control” as a knee-jerk reaction to every shooting without stopping to examine the facts.

If she did, she’d learn the killer of 26 innocent churchgoers, Devin Patrick Kelley, managed to skirt the law and obtain guns because the US Air Force failed to report his misdemeanor assault charges and bed conduct discharge to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

In other words, the tougher gun laws Reid and other liberals keep calling for already exist. Kelley could have been prevented from purchasing fire arms by properly enforcing the laws already on the books.

Then there’s this: The plummeting violent crime rate since 1990.

Democrats and reality don’t seem to get along very well.


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