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Democratic Congressman hijacks Congressional moment of silence for church massacre victims … disgraceful!

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In a shocking display of callousness, Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu walked out during a moment of silence to memorialize the 26 people who were murdered by Texas church shooter Devin Kelley.

“I can’t do this again,” Lieu said on Facebook. “I’ve been to too many moments of silences. In just my short period in Congress, three of the worst mass shootings in us history have occurred. I will not be silent.”

The junior congressman from California hijacked the moment of silence in the House of Representatives to grandstand. Lieu used the shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, to rant about gun control.

“I urge us to pass reasonable gun safety legislation, including a universal background check law supported by 80 percent of Americans, a ban on assault rifles and a ban on bump stocks,” Lieu said. “We need to do that, we cannot be silent. We need to act now.”

Congressman Lieu launched his anti-gun temper tantrum on Twitter:

Shooter Devin Kelley, who had a violent, troubled past, was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force for beating his wife and stepchild.

Shockingly, an Air Force error allowed him to pass a firearm background check. So in Kelley’s case, stricter gun-control laws couldn’t have prevented his shooting spree.

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 texas church shooting vigil
Ted Lieu disrespected the grieving community of Sutherland Springs, Texas, which is mourning the tragic deaths of 26 people. (Image: screengrab)

Meanwhile, Ted Lieu has said nothing about the countless shootings that occur every weekend in Chicago, which has the strictest gun-control laws in the United States:

  • Chicago close to recording 600th homicide this year (Nov. 6)
  • 24 wounded, 5 dead in Chicago weekend shootings (Nov. 5)
  • 21 wounded, 2 dead in Chicago weekend shootings (Oct. 30)
  • 26 wounded, 2 killed in Chicago weekend shootings (Oct. 23)
  • 8 killed, 9 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings (Oct. 15)

Twitter slammed the shameless Lieu for disrespecting the dead by using the Sutherland Springs shooting to push his anti-gun agenda.

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Note: Congressman Ted Lieu was mistakenly called a senator in the original post. This was corrected. 

Samantha Chang


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