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Virginia’s election results came down to the wire and Democrats can’t believe the winner!

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Republican Ed Gillespie made a valiant effort in his race against Democrat Ralph Northam for the governorship of Virginia, but came up short in a result that networks called around 8:15 p.m. EST.

The race was called with 58 percent of precincts reporting and Northam holding around a 36,000 vote lead at 51 percent to Gillespie’s 48 percent.

In the race to succeed Terry McAuliffe, conservatives had hoped for a monumental upset in a state that has gone blue three presidential elections in a row and boasts two Democratic senators.

Salwan Georges/The Washington Post via Getty Images

This was the first major win after a string of congressional special election losses for Democrats, who finally held serve in a race that shouldn’t have been nearly as close as it ended up being.

Despite Gillespie’s efforts to toe the line when it comes to Trump supporters, not associating himself too closely but not repudiating the president either, President Trump ended up endorsing him and even making robocalls in the last days of the election.


They won a race they should have won, but liberals are breathing a huge sigh of relief. And they couldn’t resist making it as much about Trump as possible.

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Finally, to put it all in perspective:

Democrats jump for joy after winning candidate checks every identity box in PC checklist

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