NFL gets devastating blow after legendary broadcaster Vin Scully makes jawdropping vow

Legendary sports broadcaster Vin Scully has had enough of the NFL protests.

“I will never watch another NFL game again,” Scully said to thunderous applause. “I’m disappointed.”

Scully made the comments November 4 during an appearance at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Fox News reported. The 89-year-old Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster retired in 2016 after a remarkable 70-year run.

Scully’s tremendous popularity made him more famous than many sports superstars. Scully said he loved watching football every Sunday, but seeing multi-millionaire athletes disrespect the national anthem was a bridge too far for him.

“During the fall and winter, I watched the NFL on Sunday. It’s not that I’m some great patriot. I was in the Navy for a year, but didn’t go anywhere, didn’t do anything.

But I have overwhelming respect and admiration for anyone who puts on a uniform and goes to war. So the only thing that I can do in my little way is not to preach [but act]. I will never watch another NFL game.”

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick launched the protests in August 2016, claiming he was protesting police brutality against black men. The demonstrations have since metastasized into a generic protest against “racism” by White America.

Football fans responded by boycotting the league in droves, and ratings for NFL games have plummeted as a result. Last week, Papa John’s pizza chain — a longtime advertiser — said NFL leaders fumbled in their management of the protests.

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“The NFL has hurt us,” John Schnatter, the CEO of Papa John’s pizza said on a conference call. “The NFL has been a long and valued partner over the years, but we are certainly disappointed that NFL and its leadership did not resolve the ongoing situation to the satisfaction of all parties. This should have been nipped in the bud a year and a half ago.”

Many on Twitter supported Vin Scully’s condemnation of the NFL protests, calling them one of the final nails in the league’s coffin.

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