Brave 55-year-old plumber wasn’t letting church shooter go without a fight

A brave plumber and a man driving to his girlfriend’s house joined forces to stop the deadliest church shooting in American history.

As killer Devin Patrick Kelley was leaving the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas on Sunday, after murdering 26 innocent parishioners, he was confronted by Stephen Willeford, 55, a plumber with no military experience.

According to a neighbor, Willeford was made aware of the shooting when his daughter called to tell him what happened.

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Willeford, who is described by neighbors as being an excellent shot, grabbed his gun, went outside and confronted Kelley before hitting him with a shot from his rifle in between a gap in his body armor, according to the Daily Mail.

It was then that Johnnie Langendorff, 27, who was driving to his girlfriend’s house, was approached by Willeford who explained what happened. He got into Langendorff’s truck and asked him to chase Kelley.

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“The neighbor with the rifle came to my truck and he opened my door and said, ‘He shot up the church,’ and got in,” Langendorff said on “Good Morning America” Monday. “He said, ‘Chase him’ so that’s what I did. I just chased him.

“It seemed everybody had headed up to the church. I’m not sure if anybody really realized that he had left and gone that direction,” he said.

Langendorff told “Good Morning America” that he didn’t have time to be scared.

“It was an act now, ask questions later kind of deal,” he said.

Speaking to KSAT Langendorff said he chased Kelley at 95 mph as Willeford kept his gun aimed at Kelley’s SUV until it swerved off the road.

“Eventually he came to kind of a slowdown and after that, we got within just a few feet of him and he got off the road … He just lost control and that’s whenever I put the vehicle in park … The other gentleman jumped out and had his rifle drawn on him and he didn’t move after that,” Langendorff said.

A police official said they weren’t certain if the shot that killed Kelley came from Willeford or if it was self-inflicted.

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