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Trump warns ISIS that US will hit them ‘ten times harder’ after New York City attack

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President Trump vowed to put his counter-punching prowess into action after Tuesday’s deadly terror attack in NYC.

Trump said the U.S. military is going to hit any terrorist organization that targets the U.S. “10 times harder” from this point forward.

Suspect Sayfullo Saipov plowed into innocent pedestrians on Halloween in New York City killing eight people and injuring at least 12 others.

Saipov came to the U.S. from Uzbekistan through a controversial immigration lottery.  He became radicalized and followed the ISIS playbook to conduct his heinous crime while allegedly shouting “Allahu Akbar” during his killing spree.

Trump came out strong against the shoddy immigration policy, and he’s putting the world’s biggest degenerates on notice.

“So, when we have an animal do an attack like he [Saipov] did the other day … we are hitting them 10 times harder.

“They claimed him as a soldier – Good luck. Every time they hit us [and] we know it’s ISIS, we hit them like you folks won’t believe.”

Trump highlighted his own sentiment on Twitter Friday morning:



The president didn’t get into specifics, but a spokesman for the Pentagon gave ABC News the following statement:

“We have, and we will continue to strike ISIS hard and often, along with Al-Qaeda and other affiliated or like-minded violent extremist organizations wherever they are globally. We are fighting and killing ISIS in operations in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Philippines, Niger, Nigeria, Somalia, the Sinai in Egypt and wherever these groups emerge,” Maj. Adrian Rankine-Galloway told ABC News.

Trump supporters have argued that the current administration and U.S. military haven’t been given due credit for the pounding they’ve already delivered to ISIS. The terror group lost control of major cities Raqqa and Mosul since Trump took office and U.S and allied forces continue to destroy the group’s caliphate.

While real progress is being made against the terror network that flourished during the Obama regime, independent ISIS affiliates like Saipov continue their reign of terror.

U.S. authorities are now questioning 23 “associates” of Saipov who also came to the U.S. from Uzbekistan.

At least one of the 23 was already expelled from the U.S. because of terror concerns, ABC reported.


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