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Grace Jones tears up about Hollywood producer who preyed on her as young actress

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Grace Jones has revealed the details of an encounter she had years ago with a producer who she says sexually harassed her.

The musician, actress and model had just landed her first big acting role on a film directed by Ossie Davis when the incident occurred, she told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on Thursday.

The producer, whose name she could not recall – “thank God!” – said he would make the final call on her casting for the role. He directed her to bring her portfolio to his house.

“He poured some champagne, he was in his bathrobe and of course, took me to a room,” Jones said. “Of course I didn’t know his house.  It was his bedroom,.”

She revealed how, although she was so young at the time,  she knew enough to get away.

“So with the champagne, even then at that young age I was, I splashed it in his face,” Jones said. “I threw it in his face and walked out the door.”

Jones believes that “it’s a power thing” for those who commit acts of sexual assault, saying she could “totally identify” with the dozens of women who have spoken out in recent weeks about alleged sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry.

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“It’s really difficult call because when you’re in that position, you’re so vulnerable, you’re so nervous,” the 69 year-old said about those in the beginning of their careers.

“You want this break so badly because you’ve been banging away at the pavement, probably longer than others and you finally think ‘I’ve made it to the big time, this is my way, the door is open’ and now you have a monster to confront,” she said.

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