‘Real Housewives’ star faces blowback for calling out women ‘taking advantage of Weinstein scandal’

There’s a famous Real Housewives star who’d better be prepared for some serious backlash.

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Joanna Krupa, who formerly starred in Bravo’s wildly popular reality series, says not all women waging sexual harassment accusations should be believed.

Krupa criticized fellow reality star Ariane Bellamar after she accused actor Jeremy Piven of groping her on the set of “Entourage.”

“I love Jeremy Piven. I’ve known Jeremy Piven for a very long time,” Krupa told reporters. “He’s like the nicest f–king guy I’ve ever met, so I think people are taking advantage of the whole situation with [Harvey] Weinstein, and they’re trying to make a living or they’re trying to get famous,” said Krupa, 38.

Bellamar used Twitter to put Piven on notice on Monday, and made the allegation public with some bombshell tweets.

Piven has adamantly denied the claim, and his friend Krupa is willing to vouch for him. “Jeremy never did anything wrong to me,” Krupa continued. “He’s always been an amazing friend to me, so I support him.”

Krupa doubled down and used Weinstein’s name again to make her point.

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“I knew about Harvey Weinstein over 10 years ago,” Krupa said. “Did I have any issues with him? No.”

The video was published on Thursday, and backlash began to immediately build.

Supermodel Joanna Krupa, bodypainted as a tiger. (Photo by Lauren Hurley/PA Images via Getty Images)

There were even a few folks that agreed with Krupa:

But Krupa had better prepare for a possible response from Bellamar who’s been going after Piven hard in a profanity-laced tirade since he denied the harassment allegations:


Bellamar also made it perfectly clear that she won’t be “slut shamed,” and claimed to prove it with her Halloween outfit:

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With the Piven allegations so-far unproven one thing is for certain, these two both seem to love being the center of attention.


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