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Latest creepy Hollywood story: ‘I woke up and Kevin Spacey was lying in bed next to me’

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It’s probably safe to say, that actor Kevin Spacey has only one fan left – and that would be Harvey Weinstein.

In the wake of the disgusting Weinstein scandal, Spacey is emerging to be the next bigtime Hollywood serial sexual predator.

While there have been hundreds of allegations of sexual harassment (and worse) thrown at numerous head honchos in the entertainment industry and beyond, Spacey’s sordid past is quickly becoming the talk of the town.

President Clinton smiles alongside actor Kevin Spacey and the cast of “The Iceman Cometh” following a special performance for the president and the Democratic Party in New York Monday, June 28, 1999.

The latest in a long and growing line of allegations comes from an anonymous source.

“In the morning I woke up, and his head was on my stomach,” the unnamed source told the Independent.

“And his arms were wrapped around my torso, very affectionately I suppose.”

The source said Spacey was not acting in an aggressive way, but it didn’t make the incident any less creepy.

“It was certainly not something I was comfortable with,” he said.

His accuser said Spacey was either very stupid or crazy, or maybe a little of both,” the Independent reported.

It’s more likely Spacey leans on the predatory side given the numerous accusations coming out against him.

Last week, Spacey rocked the internet by outing himself as a gay man in response to a sexual harassment charge by then-child actor Anthony Rapp.

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Netflix cancelled its hit series “House of Cards” since the allegations against the show’s main actor emerged. Spacey is reportedly seeking “rehabilitation” and “treatment,”  because that’s the Hollywood M.O.


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