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Trump pollster reveals the one presidential candidate who would have beat him in general election

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It appears that the Democrats managed to rig their primary to ensure their own defeat.

According to a pollster for President Donald Trump, if the Dems had nominated Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders they would have been victorious.

“There’s no question that if it had been anybody other than Clinton or anybody other than Trump, that race would not have been as close as it was either way,” Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio said at a Harvard University event on Monday, The Hill reported. “It would not have been.”

PHOTO: www.calvin.edu; Wikipedia Commons

Asked point-blank what he believes would have happened had Sanders been the nominee, Fabrizio did not mince words.

“I think Sanders beats Trump,” Fabrizio said.

“I think Sanders would have had the ability to reach a lot of the less than college-educated, low-income white voters,” he told the crowd.

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Perhaps someday the Democrats will deal with the fact that it was not Russia, but their own horrid candidate, that caused them to lose the election.

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