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Egyptian lawyer says it’s a man’s ‘national duty’ to rape women wearing ripped jeans

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An Egyptian lawyer has come under fire for suggesting that women who wear ripped jeans deserve to be raped and sexually harassed.

Nabih al-Wahsh sparked outrage with his jaw-dropping comments, claiming that it is an Egyptian man’s “national duty” to rape a woman wearing ripped jeans, Al-Arabiya reported.

Guests on the Infrad Show on satellite channel Al-Assema were discussing laws on fighting prostitution when the heated debate unfolded on a woman “walking with half her bottom showing.”

“When a girl walks like this, it is the duty of a patriot to sexually harass her and a national duty to rape her,” al-Wahsh said in a translation provided on the Daily Mail. The mostly female panel erupted into shouts and outrage.

“What she is doing is depravity,” the lawyer continued, reiterating the need to rape women because of their clothing choice.

Not surprisingly, al-Wahsh said he faced criticism on social media following the television appearance, noting that he actually advocated for stricter punishment of those committing sexual harassment.

“Girls must respect themselves so others respect them. Protecting morals is more important than protecting borders,” he said, according to Al-Arabiya.

Maya Mursi, the head of the Egypt’s National Council for Women, blasted al- Wahsh’s “flagrant call” for rape. She noted her surprise that a lawyer whose job is to defend rights and freedoms could make remarks that violated the Egyptian constitution which protects women from all forms of violence.

Mursi added that the council plans to file a complaint against the lawyer and the TV channel while urging media outlets not to host controversial figures who make comments that incite violence against women.

Apparently, the lawyer is no stranger to outrageous behavior on television.

On a talk show with an Australian-based imam last year, al- Wahsh disagreed with the argument that wearing a hijab is not a religious requirement for Muslim women, but a choice, the Daily Mail reported. The infuriated lawyer promptly took off his shoe and began to beat the imam on his head on live television.

Good thing he wasn’t at Tokyo’s Fashion Week event this week as Japanese designer Meiko Ban debuted “thong jeans.”

The “Thibaut” jeans left many scratching their heads as the “fashion” item was literally strips of jean fabric barely covering anything on the model’s body.

Pretty sure Nabih al-Wahsh would give this Japanese designer a piece of his mind, and perhaps a thorough beating with his shoe.

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