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Hillary Clinton reveals her Halloween costume – talk about a pathetic joke

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There’s no other word for this but… pathetic.

While in front of a crowd in Chicago, the two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was asked by an NBC reporter what she would be for Halloween.

At first, Hillary played coy and pretended as if she had never pondered the question. Finally, she let out what she no doubt wanted to say all along.

“I think I will, maybe, come as the president,” Hillary quipped to an adoring crowd.

Her remark is especially telling and sad given Hillary’s antics since she was trounced by Donald Trump last November.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Always one to criticize the actual president, Hillary’s made a nuisance of herself using Twitter to chime in on policy and cultural matters with record speed. Unless of course, those matters include shady Uranium One deals or sleazy old-time friends like Hollywood perv Harvey Weinstein… in those cases, Hillary remains pretty quiet.

None-the-less, her Halloween presidential aspirations are particularly desperate in light of Hillary’s blame-game tour.  Clinton has been busy showing off her career politician skills by touring the nation and blaming just about everybody for her loss – except herself.

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All of this made Hillary’s Halloween dreams that much more irritating, or hilarious, depending on which way you looked at it:




If only!

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No, it’s definitely time.


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