Libs want his head, but scolded officer gets plenty of backup for wearing Kaepernick Halloween costume

HAHAHAHAHAHAH! This the Greatest costume of the YEAR!!!! Perfect!

Melania and POTUS host Halloween at decked out White House. Photos and videos are priceless.

Halloween came a day early for the fully decked out White House. First Lady Melania Trump wore a beautiful light brown fall coat and joined her husband […]

AP Paul Manafort
Manafort gets message from Donald Trump’s lawyer – there’s no safety net

No kidding.

Former prosecutor calls Manafort indictment ‘shaky and overcharged’ – far from a slam-dunk!

“Mueller’s case, at least in part, seems shaky and overcharged” based on what’s been unsealed.

George Papadopoulos
Trump volunteer George Papadopoulos may have worn a wire for Mueller probe

“Is this all Mueller has? Because if it is, it’s pathetic …”

Owner wants confederate flag outside his ice cream shop removed, but there’s one big problem

Sons of the Confederate Veterans have rights too.

SG Lindsey Graham
There ‘will be holy hell to pay’: Lindsey Graham warns of consequences if Trump fires Mueller

Mueller “needs to stay within his charter.” – Yeah, right.

Former Never-Trumper ‘Breaking Bad’s’ Bryan Cranston puts those who want POTUS to fail on notice

“I don’t care if you’re a Republican and I’m a Democrat or whatever, I don’t care.”