Megyn Kelly did a Shania Twain Impersonation and ‘Man, I Feel Like a… Whoa-Man’

Megyn Kelly’s Halloween costume was unexpected and cringeworthy.

Kelly appeared on camera dressed as Shania Twain when she was introduced on the “Today Show” for its Halloween special on Tuesday.

Apologies to fans of the country superstar.

“And now your ghost…I mean host, Megyn Kelly!” the announcer said on “Megyn Kelly Today” as Kelly entered the set wearing a black top hat, corset, and thigh high boots – recreating Twain’s look from her “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” music video.

To take the eyebrow raising to another level, Kelly even appeared to be singing along instead of just lip-syncing.

So awkward.

The former star Fox News anchor has been a ratings nightmare at her new home on NBC, a far cry from the fanfare that preceded the debut of her prime time and morning shows.

To add to the morning “fun” on the network’s Legends of Country-themed Halloween episode, Kelly was then surprised when the real Shania Twain came out on set.

And viewers thought it couldn’t get worse after Kelly’s dance off with “today” host, Hoda Kotb.

Twitter users were not impressed much and completely roasted Kelly for her “disrespect” to Twain.

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Frieda Powers


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