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Guy’s ISIS-looking Halloween costume didn’t go over so well at the mall; panic would be putting it mildly

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A costume party at a Nebraska mall turned into a nightmare when a man wearing a costume that resembles an ISIS gunman showed up, creating a panic with shoppers.

People scattered at Omaha’s Oak View Mall when the guy wearing a black cape that covered his head with a fake gun and a black bag appeared.

“It was a packed place, there were kids everywhere, anything really could have happened,”  mom Desirae Anson said,  according to Fox News.

Police were called by mall security, but the man was already gone when they arrived.

Father of two daughters, Hugo Mendoza had no idea that he caused so much trouble when he later saw a viral picture of himself in costume and explained that it was meant to be an armed nun from the movie “The Town.”

“I was there to have a good time with my daughters and my girlfriend. I wasn’t there to scare little kids or make people feel uncomfortable,” he said.




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