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Trump takes a brutal shot at ‘sloppy’ Michael Moore and triggers the press — mission accomplished!

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Michael Moore’s anti-Trump Broadway debut, “The Terms of My Surrender” ended ignominiously on October 22, with little hype and below-capacity attendance.

Which sparked President Trump to take a shot at the uber-liberal documentary filmmaker maker via Twitter on Saturday afternoon:


“While not at all presidential,” Trump wrote, “I must point out that the Sloppy Michael Moore Show on Broadway was a TOTAL BOMB and was forced to close. Sad!”

Trump was largely spot-on in his tweet. Taking a shot at Moore was arguably un-presidential, albeit fun. Moore IS sloppy, and the show WAS a total bomb. Forbes writes:

According to BroadwayWorld.com, The Terms of My Surrender earned a total gross of $4.2 million during its summer-to-fall performance calendar, translating into less than half of what it could’ve earned with nightly sell-outs in the intimate 1,016 seat theater.

In its final week, for instance, the $367,634 the show generated in ticket sales amounted to only 47.2% of its gross potential for that period. Worse, its box office performance the week before garnered only $296,116 of a $778,176 ceiling based on seating capacity and adjusted market value ticket prices.

But, unable to argue with the rest, the peanut gallery was quick to take aim at the president’s “forced to close” bit. Leave it to CNN’s Jim Acosta, Mr. Fake News himself, to lead the nitpicking.

The article Acosta links to accurately states that Moore’s play was originally billed as a “12-week limited engagement” that would end on October 22. It also admits that the crowd capacity hovered “in the mid 70 percentile.”

Score one for Acosta, but his point does beg the question: If Moore’s play had been an astounding success, wouldn’t the Broadway money-makers have figured out a way to hang onto that portly cash cow as long as humanly possible?

So really, “forced to close” isn’t entirely inaccurate.

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