Sharyl Attkisson confronts FBI with the mother of all loaded questions about DNC hacking

In light of the endless hysteria surrounding supposed Russian hacking of DNC servers and Democratic insistence that the Trump campaign was somehow involved, author and investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson has a pointed question … or two.

Upon discovering the alleged interference, why on earth wouldn’t the DNC have turned their compromised servers over to the FBI post-haste?

After all, wasn’t national security at stake?

“If Democratic National Committee DNC had turned its server(s) over for FBI exam after alleged Russia hacking of emails, I wonder what would have been found,” Attkisson tweeted. “Why didn’t FBI didn’t just take servers if national security were at stake? Permission not needed for matters so important.”

What’s worse, according to the FBI, the DNC actually “inhibited” the investigation.

Why would the good, well-meaning, law-abiding folks at the DNC have wanted to “inhibit” an FBI investigation into the supposed hacking of their servers? Could it possibly be that they had something to hide?

And further still, why wouldn’t the FBI have just insisted on access?

Perhaps James Comey should come before Congress for a whole other line of questioning.

Attkisson’s question prompted plenty of Twitter buzz from similar inquiring minds.

And finally, we’re not excusing any potential Manifort wrongdoing here, but this lady does ask a great question:

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