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Chelsea Handler tries to sound smart but something goes terribly wrong and there’s no fixing it

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Chelsea Handler underscored once again why clueless “comedians” should keep their half-baked political analysis to themselves.

While deflecting attention away from her pal Hillary Clinton’s Russia collusion bombshell, Handler tried to pin the blame on California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, whom she misgendered as a woman.

“So, Republican rep. Dana Rohrabacher from California is was the original person who received info from Russia, because she works w/them,” Handler glibly tweeted. The only problem is, Rohrabacher is a “he.” Oops.

dana rohrabacher
Chelsea Handler says Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is a woman. (Image: screenshot)

Handler obviously assumed Rohrabacher was a female because his first name is Dana. But according to liberal orthodoxy, isn’t that sexist? Just like it’s sexist these days to assume that a person with a penis is a man.

Typos and errors happen all the time on Twitter, but people with huge followings like Handler usually try to get their facts straight before opining. Whenever President Trump makes a single typo, mainstream media write countless articles mocking him.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Handler’s cluelessness got brushed under the rug by libs, although her vicious attacks against Trump and his family members make numerous headlines.

What’s most disturbing isn’t Handler’s typo, but her apparent ignorance of who Congressman Dana Rohrabacher was before she blithely trashed him.

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Not surprisingly, Twitter hilariously smacked Chelsea down for her vapid tweet. You can be sure there will be many others. Stay tuned.


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