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BLM activist banned from parts of campus for verbally assaulting dean, scaring students just got HIRED!

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A Black Lives Matter leader banned from a University of Kansas building has now been hired as a teacher by the same university.

Caleb Stephens was banned from the School of Social Welfare building, Twente Hall in 2015 after he verbally assaulted the school’s dean, Paul Smokowski, in a profanity-laced tirade in which he demanded the dean write a letter he would dictate, the Lawrence Journal-World reported.

Stephens, a social worker, will work in the theater department, where he is a doctoral student, as a graduate teaching assistant, the school confirmed to the Journal-World.

The astounding part is that Stephens’ ban is still in place, the school’s director of strategic communications, Joe Monaco, confirmed.

The 2015 letter banning Stephens was sent from vice provost for administration and finance Diane Goddard, and detailed what he did to earn the ban.

In it, Goddard told Stephens that he went to the dean’s office “unannounced and without an appointment” and “demanded that the Dean send an email to members of the School — telling him you would not leave until the message was sent, and attempting to dictate the precise terms of the message.”

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“You then began shouting at the Dean, from the doorway, and your voice could be heard up and down the halls,” Goddard wrote. “Your shouting — captured on video that I reviewed — disrupted classrooms, and caused instructors and other students to fear for their personal safety.”

The confrontation came after weeks of discussions between the dean and a group of student activists over racial issues.

The hiring was initially reported to the Journal-World by an anonymous person who was concerned about one of Stephens’ Facebook posts where he said “yt (white) people are such pieces of (expletive),” with “no accountability and responsibility.”

Stephens’ ban is in place until Jan 1. 2019 and can expand to a ban from the entire campus “if you engage in a similar disruptive and threatening conduct in other University buildings.”

Sounds like an excellent hire. Yay, diversity.

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