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O’Reilly sues New Jersey ex-politician for $5 million over his Facebook post

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Bill O’Reilly has filed a lawsuit against a former New Jersey politician who used Facebook to levy salacious charges against him.

AP Photo/Richard Drew

Democrat Michael J. Panter wrote on his Facebook page that the former Fox News host sexually harassed his ex-girlfriend and asked her to get dirt on another O’Reilly accuser.

“I hear O’Reilly spinning his falsehoods almost daily. This week he again said he did nothing wrong, while suggesting he’s been persecuted and had very few complaints “to Human Resources” during his decades at Fox. Bill should be aware that not everyone is bound by a non-disclosure … I am not,” Panter wrote.

He said his ex-girlfriend’s “career was largely dependent on staying in O’Reilly’s good graces” and described late night calls she would get from O’Reilly where she thought he was masturbating while on the phone with her.

He said he particularly remembered a call she got while in the car with Panter, where he heard O’Reilly ask her to get dirt on one of his accusers.

“He explained that a new accuser was suing him for sexual harassment. This latest victim was someone my ex knew, and lived in the same complex. He got to the point immediately: give me anything you have on this woman, which we ‘can use against her,'” he wrote.

“He asked if anything was known about her sex life. He asked if she used any illegal drugs. He also asked if anything was known about her financial situation and marriage,” Panter said. “In essence, the leadership of Fox, including their “HR” head/counsel and O’Reilly, who held my ex’s career in their hands (and whom O’Reilly was also harassing) was demanding information to attack another victim.”

O’Reilly is suing Panter for at least $5 million “for the public hatred, ridicule, disgrace, and permanent harm to his professional and personal reputations” that Panter’s Facebook post caused, according to a court document obtained by CBS.

“There is no way to stop this defamation which has dramatically hurt me and my children,” the former “O’Reilly Factor” host wrote on his website Thursday. “So now, we will use the courts. I will tolerate no more.”

According to Panter, his unnamed ex-girlfriend settled a lawsuit against O’Reilly and was bound by a non-disclosure agreement.

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