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Man who shouted ‘treason’ and confronted Trump was on watch list, may not have acted alone

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

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The man who accosted the president on Tuesday at a GOP policy lunch, shouting “Trump is treason!” and throwing Russian flags at him, was on a watch list, according to Congressional security sources contacted by Fox News.

Ryan Clayton, of the group Americans Take Action, was known to security officials, and had earlier taken part in a Russian flag related ruse at CPAC.

There are reports of a second possible intruder who was at the Capitol building at the same time as Ryan Clayton’s publicity stunt. Fox News provided a description of him as a “middle-aged man who stood about 6 feet, 3 inches tall and was dressed in a gray suit and bow tie.”

“I’m a tourist,” the man said when confronted by journalists, and he reportedly bragged about being able to “sneak inside the Ohio Clock Corridor in the Capitol building.”

Here’s the “dramatic” footage of a motorist driving through immigration protesters that’s all over media

The disturbing news comes as JFK files have spilled into the limelight, providing a much-needed reminder that the president’s security is of utmost importance.

Kyle Becker


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