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Remorseless about left-wing tilt, ESPN poised to axe more employees in holiday bloodletting

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Clay Travis had it right all along.

The Fox Sports 1 analyst predicted another round of layoffs for the sports channel/social justice outlet ESPN, and a Thursday Sporting News report proved him correct.

According to the report, 40 to 60 production staffers, and even TV and radio on-air personalities, will be axed from the former “Worldwide Leader” in sports. This comes just six months after over 100 employees were axed from the network.

Even “Sportscenter,” the network’s flagship program, might not escape the bloodletting, according to Sporting News, despite the fact that ESPN has promoted new editions of the show like “SC6,” which stars noted sports journalists like the non-divisive, non-controversial, ‘hard-hitting’ sports commentator Jemele Hill. (That’s sarcasm for the unfamiliar.)

Even as subscriber numbers dropped, ESPN still continued to ink billion-dollar television deals with the NBA and NFL, resulting in a financial bind.

Apparently, people used to prefer ESPN for sports coverage instead of the liberal flavor-of-the-month. Or at least enough to make a significant difference.

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According to Travis back in February:

Yesterday afternoon Disney announced its quarterly earnings and something I’ve been predicting for several years now was at the forefront of most of those stories — ESPN’s income declined 11% compared to last year. The drag on earnings and revenue from ESPN led to a quarterly miss of estimates for ESPN’s parent company, Disney. Fortunately for Disney the company has made smart strategic moves in other arenas — buying Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel among others — that have helped to defray the coming collapse of ESPN. So while Disney may not suffer terrible consequences thanks to the success of the Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar films and the continuing popularity of its theme parks — I’ll be spending a ton of money there next week on “vacation”with my kids — ESPN is a dead company walking.

And the story here is simple — ESPN is losing millions of subscribers and viewers that add up to billions of dollars a year in losses and is on the hook for tens of billions of dollars in sports rights costs in the years ahead.

That’s a bad combination.

Don’t expect ESPN to change its ways, of course, because social justice warriors never learn.

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