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Elderly women are throwing ‘lucky’ coins into aircraft engines – and that’s not flying real well

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A superstitious elderly woman was responsible for grounding an airline flight in China.

Apparently flying Lucky Air was not enough for the 76-year-old woman who thought tossing coins into the jet’s engine would be an extra cover of safety for the flight, according to an Agence France Presse report.

The flight, scheduled to take off Wednesday from an airport in the city of Anqing, in Eastern China, was grounded overnight after ground crews found coins lying on the tarmac next to the plane.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Passengers who reported that coins were tossed at the engine during boarding, were able to leave the next morning for their destination of Kunming in southwestern China. The elderly passenger who caused the delay was taken into custody, according to transport police, though it was not clear if she would be facing any charges.

This incident, however, was not the first report of a coin-tossing elderly Chinese woman grounding a flight.

During boarding of a China Southern Airlines flight in June, passengers reported that an 80 year-old woman threw coins at the engine of the plane on the tarmac of Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport.

“The passenger, surnamed Qiu, who has no prior criminal record or mental health issues, claimed she tossed coins as a prayer for a safe flight,” Shanghai Police said in a statement, according to WGN-TV.

Nine coins were reportedly found at the scene, including one that made it into the engine of the Airbus A320 aircraft. The flight was held for nearly six hours but the woman was never prosecuted due to her age, state media had reported.

Apparently, the woman was a devoted Buddhist who believed tossing the coins would ensure her safety on the flight to the southern city of Guangzhou, Shanghai airport authorities said according to Agence France Presse.

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