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81-year-old man savagely beaten during robbery, the reason why is absolutely disturbing

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On Monday, an 81-year-old man was on a Chicago Brown Line train pulling into the city’s Washington/Wabash station when the doors opened and a thief viciously attacked him and “ribbed the victim’s cellphone from his hand,” according to a police statement.

Police said the brutal attack left the man with severe injuries including bruising, a laceration to his head, abrasions, hand and knee swelling, and even bleeding to the brain.

Two days later, police released several disturbing pictures of the incident in an effort to catch the perpetrator.

The next day, 25-year-old Victoria Dollarson was arrested and charged with robbery of a person over age 60.

The victim was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital and placed in intensive care, where he remains in critical condition.

As for Dollarson, she will appear in Cook County bond court today.

Was that cell phone worth it?

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