Roseanne Barr hilariously recalls ‘fight’ she had with Trump-hating Rob Reiner in NYC

Roseanne Barr has never really been afraid of speaking her mind.

The actress and comedian recently recounted how she “got into a fight” with liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner about “all that Russian BS.”

Barr has been swimming against the current in Hollywood as she has been increasingly to the right of issues, which made for more sparks in her encounter with Reiner, who has made no secret of his dislike for President Trump.

That and the fact that she said she “drank too much” before running into him.

Apparently, Reiner was not about to entertain any opinions that differed from his own.

Barr’s classic TV sitcom, “Roseanne,” is set for a reboot by ABC, 30 years after the original show’s debut. The 64 year old, who was the 2012  presidential nominee of the California-based Peace and Freedom Party, is not afraid to defend President Trump as any glance at her social media will show.

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She offered some more details of her run-in with Reiner in a series of tweets on Thursday.

Reiner has been silent about the encounter thus far. Though he has been anything but silent on his anti-Trump campaign.

He also declared the president was a “sociopath” without “empathy” during an appearance on “The View” Wednesday.

Twitter users backed Barr and proved that even after all these years, Reiner will always be remembered as a “meathead.”

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