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Jenna Jameson destroys Playboy for first transgender Playmate, deflects haters like a Twitter ninja

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The world’s most famous adult-movie star lashed out at the controversial decision by Playboy Magazine to feature its first transgender Playmate.

Less than a month after the death of its founder, Hugh Hefner, Playboy announced that Ines Rau, a man who believes he is a woman, will be the November 2017 Playmate. What a treat for heterosexual men.

For the record, Playboy did feature a transgender model in 1991, but Rau is the first official transgender Playmate.

The announcement sparked a lot of debate across social media, but Jameson was decidedly unhappy with the decision.

One person on Twitter responded by telling Jameson that modelling and sports are not the same thing.

Jameson used it to hit him with a nuclear truth bomb.

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“And women and men are two different things, see what I did there?” she wrote.

Progressives quickly called Jameson a “transphobe” for using the common sense idea that heterosexual men don’t want to check out men dressed as women.

But she set them straight.

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