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James Woods hilariously mocks video of Megyn Kelly dancing on air

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Megyn Kelly’s TV career continues to crash and burn. Along with her self-respect, apparently.

Hoda Kotb, the popular host of “Today,” joined Kelly as a guest on her show. As their segment wrapped up, the ladies got up and danced among the live audience (video below). Awkward!

megyn kelly dance today show ratings bomb
Viewers saw Megyn Kelly dancing on the ‘Today Show’ as a cheap ploy for ratings. (Images: screengrabs)

The cringeworthy moment was almost universally panned on social media, with many calling it embarrassing, contrived and a cheap stunt for ratings.

“Lots can happen in a year,” actor James Woods deadpanned on Twitter.

BuzzFeed correspondent Kate Aurthur chimed in: “Hoda was on #MegynKellyToday this morning for no reason other than to fill time and I’ve never been so embarrassed.”

A Twitter user called BagLady wrote: “Even if she was a good dancer it would be embarrassing. THIS is why she reduced herself to? Yikes.”

Megyn Kelly’s morning TV show has been a disaster since it debuted on September 25. The ratings have continued to plummet week after week, and are well below that of Kelly’s predecessors Tamron Hall and Al Roker at the same time a year ago.

Ironically, Kelly’s entry into morning television was one of the most highly-touted in years, thanks to her superstar status at Fox News, where she had been a prime-time ratings juggernaut.

Adding to Kelly’s awkward entry into morning TV was a series of gaffes that led her guests Jane Fonda and Debra Messing to criticize the newbie talk-show host. Fonda got visibly annoyed when Kelly asked about her plastic surgeries, and Messing said she regretted going on the show after Kelly cracked a lame gay joke.

Reviews and ratings for Kelly’s show have been disappointing. Since she already alienated conservatives with her Trump-bashing, Megyn desperately needed liberals to warm up to her. But it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.

Meanwhile, Kelly’s awkward dance segment made good fodder for Twitter jokes.

Townhall columnist Kurt Schlichter couldn’t get over the video, and admitted it had quickly become a guilty pleasure:


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