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At Senate hearing, Ben Sasse spills Dr. Pepper on Cruz. Then the Texas Senator ‘wins the Internet’

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Sen. Ben Sasse offered up a brief moment of comic relief during Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ tense Senate testimony.

Following a heated exchange between Sessions and Minnesota Democrat Sen. Al Franken during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday, Sasse admitted he spilled a Dr. Pepper on Sen. Ted Cruz.

“There was some drama there,” the Nebraska Republican awkwardly apologized. “Sorry to have added to the drama and distracted you for a minute. I was paying enough attention there that I dumped a Dr. Pepper on Senator Cruz. So, that’s what was—uh—distracting us on this side of the dais.”

While there was some laughter in the room, the incident inevitably moved on to social media as Cruz responded.

The refrigerator in the lobby is filled with the brand’s products as Dr. Pepper is a Texas-based company, a Cruz spokeswoman told Fox News.

At one point, Sasse seemed to refer to the conspiracy theory about Cruz’s father assassinating JFK, which President Trump brought up during the 2016 election campaign.

Cruz kicked it back with an image of the Zodiac cipher, referring to the strange meme that popped up again during the campaign suggesting “Zodiac Ted” was the unidentified California Zodiac Killer.

When one Twitter user wondered if the spill was really accidental, the senator had a quick reply.

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