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Joy Behar’s remark on Harvey Weinstein backlash is so out-of-touch… people can’t help but gasp

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Joy Behar thinks comedians are too “important” to be criticized.

The co-host of ABC’s “The View” bristled at the thought of late-night comedians being scrutinized over their reactions to the Harvey Weinstein scandal on Tuesday’s show.

Discussing the Hollywood mogul, the hosts turned to the role of comedians and their choices to comment or not on the allegations of sexual harassment and assault against Weinstein.

“Last week everyone was saying the late night hosts didn’t mention the Weinstein scandal,” Sunny Hostin said. “But you know they were always making jokes about Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly. SNL took a hit for not saying anything. Now you have SNL doing something. You have James Corden doing something, and now it’s, ‘oh, it’s in poor taste, it’s too soon.'”

Corden sparked a backlash with his comments at the AmfAR Gala in Los Angeles last weekend, prompting actress Rose McGowan to call him a “motherf–ing piglet” in a tweet following the event.

“Why?” Joy Behar responded to Hostin’s remarks. “Rose McGowan particularly singled out Corden. I really don’t think that it’s appropriate to attack comedians. We’re on the right side of things.”

McGowan, who allegedly was paid off by Weinstein after accusing him of sexual harassment and assault, also revealed that she was raped by him. She has been very vocal about the scandal since the New York Times report that exposed the allegations against the Hollywood executive.

But Behar thought Corden, and other comedians, were the ones being attacked now.

“Also, the comedians are there to say the emperor has no clothes,” she said. “We’re important people right now. So, I don’t know why attack comedians. And yet what you just said is interesting. She only went after Corden. [Jimmy] Kimmel made a joke. [John] Oliver made a joke, ‘SNL,’ we all do that.”

Equally out of touch was Sarah Haines who focused on McGowan’s use of the word “piglet” to attack Corden.

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“She used not productive language,” Haines interjected. “She called him a piglet. Like she made fun of his weight.”

Twitter users were quick to call out Behar and her cohorts.

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