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Cryptic tweet from alleged secret James Comey account sends Twitter into a tailspin

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Is Comey signaling something, or is he just bored?

A mysterious Twitter account believed to belong to former FBI Director James Comey was once again active on Wednesday after a nearly seven-month hiatus, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

The tweet, only the second ever posted by the username Reinhold Niebuhr‏, reads “Beautiful fall day at West Point. Lone kayaker on the Hudson” and is accompanied by a photograph of the scene described. 

The account was first reported as possibly belonging to the former FBI head by Gizmodo, which began investigating after Comey revealed at a dinner event in March that he secretly has profiles on Twitter and Instagram.

Clues pointing to the “Reinhold Niebuhr” Twitter account’s association with Comey include the fact that another “Reinhold Neibuhr” follows the controversial FBI director’s son, Brien, on Instagram. Reinhold Neibuhr was an American theologian and political commentator on whom Comey wrote his senior thesis while at the College of William and Mary.

Additionally, Reinhold Neibuhr originally was only followed by journalist Benjamin Wittes, a friend of Comey’s. Interestingly, Wittes brought attention to the new tweet and says he convinced the account’s owner to unlock it (the account was locked soon after its existence became widely known).

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Although the Reinhold Neibuhr account has changed its Twitter handle from @projectexile7 to @FormerBu, Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce, has followed it and claims the account is the same.

Project Exile was a federal program Comey worked on while a US attorney in Richmond, Virginia.

The only other tweet ever published by the allegedly Comey-linked account was made the day after the former FBI director revealed he has a social media presence.

The ambiguous tweet and picture by the Reinhold Niebuhr account has social media users searching for a meaning, with some hypothesizing there is a “hidden message.”

Much ado about nothing? More than a few Twitter users seemed to think so.


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