When Bernie brings up ‘Robin Hood’ tax, Ted Cruz schools him with a crushing lesson on government

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Robin Hood reference during a debate on tax reform earned him a trip back to school courtesy of Sen. Ted Cruz.

In a two-hour debate Wednesday at a CNN town hall, the Texas Republican unpacked the literary tale after Sanders attacked the GOP tax plan as being “a Robin Hood proposal in reverse.”

“I think Bernie fundamentally misunderstood that story,” Cruz said. “Robin Hood was robbing the tax collectors who were collecting too much taxes from the working men and women, and taking it for the rich.”

Early on in the event, Cruz accused the Vermont senator of attempting to raise taxes for the middle class. Sanders countered that the Republican plan was nothing more than a giveaway to the wealthy and “must be defeated.”

“In Bernie’s analogy,” Cruz explained, “it is the Democrats who are King John and the Sheriff of Nottingham, and Robin Hood is saying: ‘Tax collectors, stop hammering people who are struggling, who are laboring in the fields, who are working, stop taking it to the castle to give out to your buddies.'”

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As the two heatedly debated their points, there were moments of accord and humor.

Cruz wrapped up the debate in a nutshell, saying it was actually quite “simple.”

And Sanders invoked the theme of “free” stuff…by raising taxes.

“Your taxes are going up,” Cruz argued when Sanders touted an increase in taxes at all levels to gain “free” public college tuition and universal health care. “That’s a rare moment of candor in Washington.”

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