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Samantha Power says someone in Obama admin was using HER name to make unmasking requests!

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Former Obama administration U.N. ambassador Samantha Power is claiming it was not she alone who requested the hundreds of unmasking of Americans named in intelligence reports, but rather someone using her name, as well.

On Tuesday Rep, Trey Gowdy told Fox News that Power was “emphatic” someone else making the requests when she spoke to the House Intelligence Committee last week behind closed doors.

“I think if she were on your show, she would say those requests to unmask may have been attributed to her, but they greatly exceed by an exponential factor the requests she actually made,” the South Carolina representative told Fox News’ Bret Baier.

“That’s her testimony, and she was pretty emphatic in it,” Gowdy said. “The intelligence community has assigned this number of requests to her. Her perspective, her testimony is, they may be under my name, but I did not make those requests.”

Power has been under intense scrutiny as it was revealed that around 260 unmasking requests were made in her name in the final year of the administration.

“We’ve got to get tot he bottom of that,” he said. “If there is someone else making requests on behalf of a principal in the intelligence community, we need to know that because we’re getting ready to reauthorize a program that’s really important to the country, but also has a masking component to it.”

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