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Trump’s border wall tweet has his base excited and the Left stir-crazy

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President Trump made a lot of promises during his campaign, but arguably the most significant, at least to his base, is the construction of an actual physical border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Despite the fact that Trump has consistently maintained his intention to follow through on his promise, a bi-partisan spending bill passed earlier this year neglected to fund the wall. For a while, it seemed that Trump would make a deal with Chuck Schumer and the Democrats on DACA, perhaps the biggest bargaining chip available to Republicans, while still leaving the wall unbuilt.

But now, it seems that the president is doubling down on keeping his promise. And that’s a good thing for his base, and for America.

On Monday, Trump reiterated his intention to insist on border wall funding in next year’s spending bill.

“Our country needs a wall,” the president said. “Drugs are pouring across our border, we’re stopping it, but we need a wall to really stop it. We need a wall in this country. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. We have to have a wall, so that’s going to be part of it.”

Then, on Tuesday evening, Trump really triggered the Left and excited his base with this video of border wall prototypes that are already underway:


Needless to say, the Left isn’t the least bit happy about this. After all, it’s hard to bring in a flood of illegal immigrants to shore up the Democratic voter base if there is a freaking WALL stopping it or at least massively slowing it down.

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Except, the wall in Israel actually WORKS. But  you know that, don’t you Yousef?

Of course, the base is excited.





Suggestions are always helpful…




It’s not exactly a wall – yet – but it’s a plan. And a plan is definitely a start.

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