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Trump responds to Hillary for ‘very disrespectful’ defense of NFL protests: ‘That’s why she lost’

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On Sunday, Hillary Clinton predictably came to the defense of the pampered, entitled NFL “take-a knee” brigade while on a book tour stop in London. To her, it’s not about disrespecting the anthem or the flag, but rather “to demonstrate in a peaceful way against racism and injustice in our criminal system.”

In fact, Clinton considers kneeling “a reverent position,” as if ‘reverence’ for any of our nation’s sacred institutions were anywhere near these protesters’ minds.

But leave it to President Trump to put the words of his defeated 2016 opponent in perspective.

“Well, that’s why she lost the election,” Trump said during a Monday news conference when told about Clinton’s comments. “I mean, honestly, it’s that thinking, that is the reason she lost the election. When you go down and take a knee or any other way, you’re sitting, essentially for our great national anthem. If Hillary Clinton actually made the statement that, in a form, sitting down during the playing of our great national anthem is not disrespectful, then I fully understand why she didn’t win.”


“I mean, look, there are a lot of reasons she didn’t win, including the fact that she was not good at what she did,” he continued. “But I will tell you, that is something that I had just heard about, and I think that her statement in itself is very disrespectful to our country.”

Like a majority of Americans, Trump considers kneeling during the national anthem to be essentially the same as sitting, which is a clear sign of disrespect. “There’s plenty of time to do lots of other things,” Trump said of the small segment of time blocked off to honor our nation before games.

Before those comments, Trump jokingly taunted Hillary by telling reporters, “Oh, I hope Hillary runs. Is she going to run? I hope! Hillary, please run again!”

After 5 cheerleaders take a knee during national anthem, college takes them off the football field


If one is to judge by the declining revenues, lowered TV ratings, and half-empty stadiums at NFL games these days, one can certainly understand why President Trump would relish another Crooked Hillary run.

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