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Trump hits media with challenge after backlash for saying Obama didn’t call dead soldiers’ families

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The media is in full meltdown after President Trump said most other presidents, including Barack Obama, did not call the families of fallen service members. Now, Trump has responded with a challenge to the press corps.

The president found himself under fire after he acknowledged that he had yet to call the families of four Army Green Berets killed in Niger earlier this month when asked about the incident during a news conference on Monday.

Trump said he had written letters to the soldiers’ families and planned to call them soon.

“If you look at President Obama and other presidents, most of them didn’t make calls,” he said. “A lot of them didn’t make calls. I like to call when it’s appropriate.”

And that set the pro-Obama crowd off, even though Trump said his predecessor “probably did sometimes.”

The president revisited the issue Tuesday during an interview with Fox News Radio host Brian Kilmeade and challenged the press to ask White House chief of staff John Kelly if he got a call from Obama after his son, Marine 2nd Lt. Robert Kelly, was killed while serving in Afghanistan in 2010.

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“To the best of my knowledge, I think I’ve called every family of somebody that’s died, and it’s the hardest call to make,” he told Kilmeade. “As far as other representatives, I don’t know, I mean you could ask Gen. Kelly, did he get a call from Obama?”

“I don’t know what Obama’s policy was,” the president added. “I write letters, and I also call.”

The challenge didn’t go over well with Obama supporters.

Ned Price, senior director for the National Security Council under Obama — who quit the agency after Trump defeated his choice, Hillary Clinton — took to social media to rip Trump for his “inane cruelty.”

“Kelly, a man of honor & decency, should stop this inane cruelty. He saw up-close just how—& how much—Obama cared for the fallen’s families,” Price tweeted.


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