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White rapper Macklemore comes unglued at tiny concert, leads fans in ‘F–K Donald Trump’ chant

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Rapper Macklemore left no doubt about what he thinks of President Donald Trump during a concert in Arizona Saturday night.

The artist behind the 2012 hit “Thrift Shop” led an audience of 2,500 in an emotional chant of “F–k Donald Trump,” as reported by Fox News.

The anti-Trump shouting at the Marquee Theatre in Phoenix was part of Macklemore’s “FDT (F–k Donald Trump Part 2),” the sequel to the protest song FDT by YG and Nipsey Hussle.

Some of the song’s most notable lyrics include:

“F–k Donald Trump
F–k Donald Trump
Yeah, ni***, f–ck Donald Trump.”

Macklemore also asks “How’d he make it this far? How the f–ck did it begin? A Trump rally sounds like Hitler in Berlin. Or KKK s–t, now I’m goin’ in.”

According to fans, the crowd unanimously supported Macklemore, with many raising their middle finger in a show of protest against the President.

The rapper followed his performance with a speech in which he talked about immigration and acceptance, saying “everyone should be welcome here no matter which side of the ‘line’ you stood on.” Macklemore went on to say that “[w]e should be welcoming and encouraging everyone to live the American Dream.”

The original “FDT” was the centerpiece of YG’s “F–k Donald Trump Tour” in the summer of 2016. Macklemore, who appeared on that track, has been vocal in his opposition to the Republican President.

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The day after the election, a distraught Macklemore took to Instagram to describe being “shaken” at Trump’s win.

“I am disappointed, shocked and shaken at my core by what has transpired tonight,” he wrote. “I gathered around the TV with my family and loved ones, ready to celebrate history being made. My daughter had this little blue dress on. I was ready to pop the Martinelli’s and hold her, watching Hilary Clinton become the first female president of the United States of America. But…It didn’t happen. I had a sick feeling in my gut, riddled with anxiety as the polls started coming in. After hours of a growing pit in my stomach, it was over.”

Macklemore may feel vindicated by the cheers from fans at his concert, but conservatives on Twitter are showing him his views are far from the majority opinion in America.

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