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Tucker Carlson at his best in unmerciful mocking of Chris Cuomo’s ‘Wonder Woman’ aspirations

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Now this is Tucker Carlson at his best.

The Fox News host had some fun on Friday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” at the expense of CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

…not that Cuomo didn’t have it coming.

Carlson played an interesting video Cuomo posted on social media of himself playing movie critic, reviewing the film “Wonder Woman.”

SG Cuomo
“I want to be like her when I grow up.” ~ Chris Cuomo

“I wanted to be like Wonder Woman and I’m going to wear a shirt that says it,” the CNN anchor confessed in the clip.

All of which set Tucker Carlson’s wit in motion.

“What does it qualify as intrigue that Chris Cuomo wanted to be Wonder Woman?” he asked.

“Did he ever wear that shirt? What’s with the air kisses?” Carlson continued. “There are so many more questions.”

And the sarcasm flowed.

“It’s better to understand Chris Cuomo for who he is. An artist, poet, seeker, shaman,” Carlson quipped. “The question is not, what the hell is Chris talking about, but what is Chris Cuomo trying to teach us, all of us, humanity itself?”

And Carlson promised more mocking of Cuomo “in the coming days.”

Stay tuned!

Tom Tillison


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