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O’Keefe demolishes NY Times editor’s ‘I was an altar boy…’ response to being busted in undercover sting

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It would appear that James O’Keefe has struck a nerve, based on The New York Times’ response.

…a response that prompted a killer reply from O’Keefe’s Project Veritas.

The organization released an undercover video exposing malpractice by Nick Dudich, a Times audience strategy editor whose purpose, according to his job description, is to “build an overall video social strategy across a number of social platforms.”

The campaign prompted a stinging rebuke by Times executive editor Dean Baquet, who not only belittled his own employee, who Baquet points out that he “never met,” but ripped the O’Keefe effort to expose bias at the newspaper as “despicable” and a “mortal sin.”

Naturally, the offering prompted a reply from Project Veritas, who shoved The Times hypocrisy up their wazoo by linking to an article from the newspaper about a Swedish graduate student who went undercover “in the world of the extreme right.”.

The post asked: “So why is undercover video journalism a ‘mortal sin’ when managed by  @JamesOKeefeIII but not when it’s Soros funded?”

“We deceive our targets, they deceive their audience,” O’Keefe said of the response from Baquet.

As expected, the liberal world of journalism sided with The Times, but social media users were squarely in O’Keefe’s corner.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:




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