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Watch the bias ooze from furious Chris Cuomo as he gets spanked over and over on Obamacare

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Chris Cuomo works hard to keep his bias hidden but when his temper gets the best of him he can’t help himself.

The CNN anchor hammered Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan over President Donald Trump’s executive orders on Obamacare this week warning Jordan that “you will be judged on the impact of these changes.”

Jordan spent the majority of the more than 10 minute interview on “New Day” laughing at Cuomo’s unhinged rant.

Cuomo, who is the son of former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo and brother of current New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, both Democrats, were enraged that Jordan wouldn’t attack President Trump’s executive orders the way he attacked former President Obama’s.

“You were against executive orders when they go against Congressional authority,” Cuomo said. “That’s what is happening now Jim Jordan!”

Jordan disagreed, saying that what President Trump is doing is not enforcing unconstitutional the part of the law that gives payments to insurance companies.

Cuomo was so heated he kept referreing to Jordan by his full name, and in another outburst shouted: “I got a news flash for you, Jim Jordan! You guys promise a lot of things that don’t come true.”

The Ohio representative literally laughed at Cuomo when he said that Republicans”are making (Obamacare) fall apart.”

“Chris, think about your logic,” Jordan fired back. “You are saying the folks who passed this law, who told us nine different statements that were absolutely false, the architects told us on camera that ‘yeah we misled the American people,’ the thing is falling apart, and now you are saying that President Trump, by stopping an unconstitutional activity, is somehow the cause of the problem? That makes no sense!”

Cuomo continued to argue that Obamacare was helping “some people” and that the president was “subverting the law” by enforcing a court’s decision, which is being appealed and is currently being held by the parties.

Whatever could Cuomo mean by “some people”?


Oh, this screengrab of CNN screen explains.

Jordan was not deterred…

“He is not subverting a law. He is stopping unconstitutional payments to insurance companies who have had record numbers the last few months,” Jordan argued. “Let’s keep our word. Let’s do what we said. That’s what the president is focused on, that’s what I’m focused on, that’s what the Freedom Caucus is focused on.”

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