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‘It’s total BS!’ CNN’s Don Lemon can’t stop swearing in off the rails showdown over NFL protests

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CNN’s Don Lemon seemed to be in a foul mood Wednesday, or would foul-mouthed be more accurate?

Lemon got into it with conservative political commentator Ben Ferguson during a discussion on NFL players disrespecting the national anthem in a misguided protest of racial oppression.

Using the controversy to attack President Donald Trump, the CNN anchor suggested the president was “forcing patriotism” on Americans when he intervened.

Ferguson answered correctly that “every president has an obligation to protect and defend the honor, the integrity of the flag, the national anthem.”

The liberal anchor dismissed it all as “politics and hypocrisy,” before asking why the national anthem is even played at games.

And when his guest replied, “to honor the United States of America,” Lemon went off, calling Ferguson’s reply “a bull crap answer.”

“You don’t like my answer,” Ferguson interjected.

Lemon said everyone is aware the game is being played on American soil, Ferguson replied, “Come on, you’re smarter than this.”

And that’s when the CNN anchor let the expletives fly.

“Don’t tell me I’m smarter than this,” he fired back. ” Yes, I’m smarter than the bullsh*t answer that you’re giving!”

“It’s not BS,” Ferguson said, exercising the decorum the show’s host refused to employ.

“It is bullsh*t!” Lemon reiterated, proud of himself for stepping over the line. “It’s total BS.”

Summing things up nicely, Ferguson fired back with this zinger: “This is exactly the reason why so many Americans disagree with you because of the arrogance and lack of respect.”

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