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Laura Ingraham blasts Boy Scouts for bowing to the ‘tyranny of political correctness’

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Since liberals believe there’s no difference between boys and girls, the Boy Scouts will now allow girls to join their club. (Images: screengrab, Twitter)

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Laura Ingraham, host of the Fox News show “The Ingraham Angle,” slammed the Boy Scouts’ decision to let girls into their ranks.

“It’s the tyranny of political correctness,” Ingraham told Fox News. “Boys should be able have a boys’ club, and girls should be able to have a girls’ club. This is just more madness. Most parents are tired of it.”

Ingraham, an attorney who has two sons and a daughter, doesn’t understand why boys and girls can’t just have their own social clubs. After all, it’s not like they’re conducting business or furthering their careers in these social gatherings. It’s just for fun.

“It’s a very small, radical group of gender benders out there in the culture who want to say there’s no difference between boys and girls, that they’re all the same,” Ingraham said.

Starting in 2019, the Boy Scouts of America will allow girls to join the Cub Scouts, giving girls the opportunity to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. You can be sure it’s only a matter of time before the sexual abuse lawsuits start piling up.

It’s unclear if boys will now be allowed to join the Girl Scouts, but that can’t be too far off.  It looks like the Girl Scouts don’t like the idea, either.

Girl Scouts’ leadership has slammed the move as a cheap ploy by the Boy Scouts to poach members away from their group.

“This is a direct response to boost their declining membership,” Lisa Margosian, Chief Customer Officer for Girl Scouts, said in a statement. “We’ve had competitors come and go, and this is yet another competitor.”

Many on Twitter agreed with Laura Ingraham, and stated the obvious: Girls can join the Girl Scouts and boys can join the Boy Scouts.

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Will the Boy Scouts have to change their name now? It seems like it.

Samantha Chang


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