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‘Creepy’ Ed Asner hits MSNBC to lecture about sexual harassment, asks female host for a kiss – TWICE

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Proving old socialists may not be the go-to source on the appropriate treatment of women, actor Ed Asner’s appearance Tuesday on MSNBC was quickly marred by his determination to secure a kiss from the female anchor.

Introducing Asner as a someone “who helped demonstrating the changing culture of independent women in the workplace,” anchor Chris Jansing was  complimentary of the “Mary Tyler Moore Show” star.

“Ed Asner, great to have you here,” she said. “Thank you for coming in.”

“Thank you,” the 87-year-old actor said. “And not even a kiss?”

When Jansing informed him, “No, nothing,” the disappointed old geezer replied, “Oh my God…”

Asner was on the show to plug his new book, “The Grouchy Historian,” and to discuss the Harvey Weinstein scandal rocking Hollywood.

But while talking about sexual abuse in the workplace, he still had a smooch on his mind.

And when Asner made another play for it, Jansing just about had enough.

“You still owe me a kiss,” the openly socialist actor said, as the segment came to a close.

“You’re gonna get yourself in trouble,” she responded, gently reprimanding her guest. “And with good reason, Mr. Asner.”

Watch the full segment below:

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And, boy, did social media let the old leech have it… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:





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