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P Diddy solves NFL problem… get rid of whites! He’s ready to own all-black football league

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Liberals are mad that Donald Trump is actually winning the cultural war against the NFL. From football’s declining ratings to the suspension of left-wing activist-sportscaster Jemele Hill at ESPN, Americans are showing how they really feel about NFL players who disrespect the flag.

But rather than accept the lesson that people want less–not more–politics in their sports, high-profile celebrities are (predictably) doubling down.

Just look at rapper Sean “P. Diddy” Combs’ latest “dream.”

Apparently, the man formerly known a “Puff Daddy” changes dreams as often as he does stage names.

The popular recording artist is likely incensed by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell calling on players to “honor our flag,” as reported by Fox News and heralded by President Trump.


But in all fairness, given the huge backlash to the politicization of the NFL, Combs might actually have a better shot at succeeding with an NFL replacement than previous rival league attempts if he made it politics-free.

Except that’s not what he wants to do.

Wait, you mean NFL stars–most of whom are black–don’t already lead amazing lives with cushy retirements (when they don’t squander all their money)?

What Combs is hinting at when he talks about “our” own league is making a football organization focused on blacks. The rapper’s imaginary personal football “dream” sounds very different from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream.

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Of course, “Diddy” has his fan cheering him on.

But most sane people realize Combs is going nowhere. As the rapper’s enthusiastic fan notes above, NFL ratings are indeed down. However, they’re down because mainstream America is tired of the disrespect to our flag.

Combs really thinks making an entire league dedicated to Kaepernick-inspired protests is going to win those viewers over? Keep dreaming, Diddy!

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