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Jimmy Kimmel and Donald Trump Jr. went at it hard on Twitter

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Donald Trump Jr. has been pretty busy lately using his Twitter account to launch thermonuclear trolling jobs on the likes of Michelle Obama, Roger Goodell, Michael Moore, and Hillary Clinton, among others.

So it was only a matter of time before Jimmy Kimmel found his crosshairs.

It all started with President Trump’s tweet asking rhetorically if his side should get “Equal Time” from late night hosts who are “always ant-Trump.”


To which Kimmel responded:

Fully aware of the fact that liberal media figures who are so quick to bash President Trump and other conservatives  are all eerily silent about the explosive sexual harassment allegations surrounding liberal media mogul Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump Jr. weighed in.

Trump responds to Harvey Weinstein sex abuse as Hillary and Hollywood hypocrites remain mum

Kimmel managed to get in a dig at President Trump’s feud with the New York Times before finally acknowledging Weintstein’s disgusting behavior.

Not that he ever did that on his show. No, platforms like that are only meant to criticize Republican or conservative misdeeds.

Perhaps a change is in the works?

Nah, just more of the same…

Liberals claimed victory in the Kimmel vs Don Jr. bout…

But the fact that Kimmel went to the old playbook to deflect yet again only served to prove Don Jr.’s point.

Don Jr. trolls silent Hillary over Harvey Weinstein, actor Rob Schneider gives him awesome assist


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