HBO’s ‘Entourage’ portrayed Harvey Weinstein as the creep he is, only back then it was funny … watch

Does anyone remember the one show that dared to take on Democrat donor darling Harvey Weinstein back when he was king?

Harvey Weingard, a supremely obnoxious character played by Maury Chaykin on the HBO mega-hit series Entourage, is based on the famous producer.

The show never touched his alleged disgusting habits with women, but check out the awesome assembly of clips below.

And here’s a little dish about it from The Hollywood Reporter in 2011:

It seems Harvey Weinstein doesn’t believe imitation was the sincerest form of flattery. After a foul-mouthed producer named Harvey Weingard appeared in season two, Connolly says he got an earful from the famously abrasive producer. “I’m at a party. Harvey Weinstein just came over and told me to tell my producers they’re dead. ‘Tell them if they ever mention my name again, they’re dead.’” Those lines made their way into an episode during a later season. Ellin said Weinstein called after the episode and said he enjoyed it.



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