What will happen to Stephen Paddock’s hotel room of terror?

After the massacre in Las Vegas on Monday many are wondering what will become of the hotel room where Stephen Paddock waged his murderous attack.

Travel Channel’s “Hotel Impossible” host Anthony Melchiorri told Business Insider that he doesn’t believe the hotel can ever rent the room again.

“From my opinion, the room disappears,” he said, adding that the hotel ought to seal the doors and never open it again.

The Mandalay Bay Resort has not announced what it will do with the room, where Paddock broke two windows and rained bullets onto concertgoers, killing 59 and injuring more than 500, but they have said they are working with authorities on security.

“Security continues to be a top priority at all of MGM Resorts as our Security team is working tirelessly to protect the safety of our guests and facilities,” Debra DeShong, a spokesperson for MGM Resorts, wrote in a statement.

“MGM Resorts works consistently with local and national law enforcement agencies to keep procedures at our resorts up to date, and are always improving and evolving,” she said. “We continue that close working relationship now, during the ongoing investigation into this tragic incident.”


College of Hospitality Management at Johnson & Wales University associate professor Sunil Atreya told Yahoo News that the room, and possibly the entire floor, will have to be renovated.

“For people to go on — whether it be survivors, the families of the victims or employees — something has to happen so that that room does not stay as a reminder of this heinous act that took place in our country,” he said.

In the immediate aftermath, Atreya said the windows that Paddock broke to shoot at his victims, has to be repaired.

“What is extremely important for them to do right now is repair those windows. As long as those windows are gaping open, it’s a reminder of the event,” he said.

Yahoo noted that the suite where singer Whitney Houston died at The Beverly Hilton, and the room where singer Selena was murdered in the Days Inn in Corpus Christi, Texas, were refurbished and had their room numbers changed, but continue to be used.

Other locations where people were murdered, like Sandy Hook Elementary School, were demolished.

What do you think should happen to the room?

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