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Hero victim’s family suing Las Vegas killer’s multi-million dollar estate AND the Mandalay Bay Resort

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Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock was reportedly a multi-millionaire, so it was only a matter of time before one of his victim’s families justifiably came after his estate.

If lawyers ever had a reason for existing, this is surely one of them.

John Phippen was one of the 58 people killed during Paddock’s murderous rampage, murdered while shielding a woman from gunfire as his son, Travis, watched, and now the 56-year-old’s family is suing the killer’s estate.

And they are hoping other families will join them.

The lawsuit’s goal is to prevent the killer’s brother, Eric, and girlfriend, Marilou Danley, from gaining anything from his estate. NBC News reports that Paddock made $5 million alone from gambling in 2015.

“This is an action for the benefit of all the victims to preserve these assets,” Phippen family attorney, Richard Patterson, told NBC LA. “We have filed a petition with the district court in Nevada, requesting that the court appoint a public administrator of the state of Nevada to take control of his assets.”

Patterson said the family also intends to hold the hotel responsible as well, citing issues like exits at the venue and how long it took for people to escape.

“Objecting to this to make change happen. To make these concerts, make the hotels more responsible and diligent in preventing these sorts of things,” said Patterson.

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